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Inexpensive Baby Car Seats

Inexpensive baby car seats are relatively easy to come by but that does not always mean you should go for that option. When looking for inexpensive baby car seats you need to keep in mind a few other things so that you know that your child is safe and the baby car seat will do the job that it is intended for.

The most important thing to look for when choosing your baby car seat is that it is the right kind not only for your baby but also for your car. Even inexpensive baby car seats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so do not rush to purchase the first one you find that you can afford. Have a good look through catalogues, websites and stores to get a feel for the whole range and even the different baby car seat covers that are available to you.

Always keep in mind how you will use the baby car seat. If you are going to be constantly taking it in and out of the car then you will need to be looking for a lighter weight model or if you do a lot of long distances in the car, a baby car seat that reclines to allow your child to sleep would be better for you.

Baby car seats come in forward facing and back facing styles and you need to choose a seat that is right for your child's weight and height. The rear facing car seats are recommended the most and it is best to keep using these until your child exceeds the maximum weight and height for the seat - this is normally when your child's head starts to show above the top of the seat. However, when your child is below 9 or 10 kg and is still unable to sit up unaided always have them in a rear facing baby car seat. Remember, legally, children at which ever age must use car seats for any length of car journey, no matter how short it is.

You can purchase inexpensive baby car seats from most reputable manufacturers whose ranges tend to cover all price brackets. The added bonus from purchasing from a shop or manufacturer as opposed to out of the paper or a friend of a friend is that you can ask the retailer about the baby car seat and if it is suitable for your baby and your car. They may even allow you to try the seat out in your car to ensure that it is the right one for you or, at the least, give you a refund or allow you to swap for another if it isn't.

The most inexpensive baby car seats you are going to be able to find are of course the second hand ones. These are not recommended at all, especially if you do not know the person you are purchasing from. There is no way to tell the history of the baby car seat i.e., has it been in an accident and been weakened and it may no longer meet the standard regulations for baby car seats.

All seats, including the inexpensive baby car seats should come with full instructions on how to use them. Follow these. They will show you how to protect your child should your car be in an accident.

Another thing to think about when looking for inexpensive baby car seats is their longevity. You could purchase a rear facing baby car seat cheaply but then some months down the line you have to purchase a forward facing one bringing the total price up steeply. Look at spending a little bit more initially and getting a convertible baby car seat. These can also be relatively inexpensive at the lower part of the range and will save you money in the long term. Convertible baby car seats can be rear facing and forward facing and normally tend to offer more protection for you child should an accident occur.

There are many websites, magazines and stores around that can supply you with a huge variety of choice and advice when it comes to purchasing your inexpensive baby car seats, so take your time, it will be worth it to ensure that you have got the right one for you, your baby and your wallet.

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