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Baby Car Seats: Which One Should You Choose?

Not all baby car seats are the same. It's common knowledge that the more expensive a baby car seat is, the more features it has, but if you're on a budget, you would want to comparison shop to find out which baby car seats would fit your purpose and your price.

There are baby car seats used not just to keep your infant safe in the car but also to carry the baby to and from the car. It can also be very comfortable so as to serve as a baby carrier where your little bundle could take a nap.

How big is your baby?

Baby car seats should face the rear until the baby's weight is about 20 lbs. or until he's at least one year old. There are the so-called convertible baby car seats, which can be used to face the front of the vehicle once the child reaches the toddler stage.

Some parents choose to buy the convertible baby car seat from the very beginning in order to save money. However, there are babies who may be too small and may not fit snugly in larger car seats that are designed for toddlers. If you have a baby weighing less than 7 pounds at birth and/or is relatively short, you should wait until after a year or so before purchasing a convertible baby car seat or a front-facing one.

The ideal measurement for rear-facing baby car seats height-wise is there must be a space of at least an inch or more between the baby's head and the top of the baby car seat. On the other hand, the top tips of the baby's ears should be below the seat top for fron-t facing baby car seats.

Check if it fits your vehicle

You'll be overhelmed by the sheer number of styles of baby car seats out in the market today, so make sure that the model you're buying would actually fit in your car. These baby car seats seem to get bulkier every year, but that's the price you pay for your child's safety.

Choose from baby car seats which fit snugly when installed in the car. In principle, there shouldn't be more than 1 inch of side-to-side wiggle. Don't be afraid to ask a salesperson to accompany you to the parking lot just so you could check the fit of a baby car seat model. Otherwise, ensure that the store has a reliable return policy just in case you don't get the right fit.

Make safety your No. 1 priority

You can almost be sure that leading brands of baby car seats have passed the country's federal crash tests. Some may have extra features that would make installation easier or have quick release buckles that are essential in emergency situations, but rest assured that even the most affordable models of known brands have passed basic crash tests.

Useful features of high-end baby car seats

You may want to look into a few features that can definitely make your life a lot easier. Certain models of baby car seats have side impact protection (SIP) that is made possible by generously padded wings surrounding the infant's head. Some are compatible with strollers made by the same manufacturer, so you can easily go from the car to walking the baby with the stroller. Always choose baby car seats with adjustable handles and baby car seat covers.

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